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Couples Intensive Therapy Retreats

Giving couples the opportunity to step back from their often overly full  lives  to focus on the challenging parts of their relationship in a focused and structured way over the course of a weekend can be life-changing. We are heartened by the feedback we are getting from the thirty or so couples who have had this experience in the last two years.

Our mission in offering Couples Therapy Intensives is to provide a clear pathway for couples to make significant changes in the trajectory of their relationship. This happens by investing the time, taking the deep dives, (and coming up for air), and learning the compelling skills that will sustain growth, connection and positive change. 

The process begins with a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation with Dr. Trish Stanley, PsyD, LMFT, Founder and Clinical Director of the Center.

The next step is to schedule a two-hour intake and goal-setting consultation, either virtually, depending on your location, or in-person in one of our offices with the therapist we think would be a good match.  Prior to that appointment we’ll send each of you two questionnaires to fill out privately, that will help you reflect on the state of your relationship and what you each aspire to accomplish and/or change. If you and the therapist decide to move forward we will reserve an intensive appointment for you in the format that works best for you. The fee for that consultation is $500.00.

Between the consultation and the intensive, we send you the Gottman Relationship Checkup. After reviewing that, the other questionnaires, and the consultation conversations, we design a customized and concentrated experience for the two of you.

Each therapist in our center who offers couples therapy intensives brings a unique perspective and incorporates aspects of the most effective and evidence-based approaches to couples therapy. These include the Gottman Method, the Developmental Model, the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy and Internal Family Systems-informed therapies.

We devise a tentative schedule, subject to change as new directions emerge during the intensive. We create an individualized intensive workbook for each of you, with sections on increasing self-regulation, building intimacy, rebuilding verbal and nonverbal communication, learning new skills for handling conflict, and addressing the couple specific concerns that have emerged.

Intensives are offered in several formats: four hours, one day, two days, or a weekend consisting of: Friday afternoon, Saturday day, and Sunday morning. They are offered by Dr. Stanley and other very experienced clinicians on our team whose schedule, approach and session lengths for intensives best suits you. Fees vary according to the length of the intensive.

More information is available by scheduling a 30 minute complimentary Intensive consultation here.

What Our Clients Have to Say:

"The Intensive Retreat was well worth the time and money. It exceeded my expectations." May 2024


"I would highly recommend for anyone seeking a results oriented approach. It's an excellent method." April 2024


"For me it represents a life changing way to experience couple's therapy. Kind of like when you feel like you have tried everything else but it fell short this is the one for you. It gives you more time to go fully in depth and explore new ways of being in your relationship. I highly recommend this especially for long term married couples who are struggling." March 2024


"It was truly a game changer for our relationship. It had much more of an impact than either of us expected. This retreat can be helpful for couples with few problems or couples that are on the verge of splitting up. I think any couple can benefit from this retreat. Trish is so knowledgeable and understanding, she was a perfect fit for our time there." January 2024


"I was ready to make some pretty drastic decisions in my relationship. We went to the 2-hour consultation and I felt so hopeful. Trish gave us some exercises which really helped begin to break down the walls between me and my partner. The Intensive brought together the tools, practice and experience we needed to take all of this home with us. Both my partner and I are amazed at the depth of our love and the honesty in our relationship. Thank you, Trish!" January 2024


"What we deeply appreciated about the Intensive Retreat was being able to work through issues that had been plaguing our relationship for many years and reconnect/remember why we were together in the first place. It was intense! But it was absolutely worth the work and effort.

What I'd most want people to know is to bring your best attitude and an open mind. It will be difficult, but definitely one of those experiences where you get out what you put into it." December 2023


"It is a worthwhile investment in anyone's relationship. It felt safe, loving, and was truly helpful. We left with great tools to help with new ways of communicating that feel loving and not blaming. Now it's about being consistent and intentional with this work and new tools." July 2023


"Trish is the most skilled counselor I have ever worked with. I strongly feel that having a longer amount of time to work on the relationship, such as an intensive retreat, is the way to go to make real progress." April 2023

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