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Are you sick and tired of having the same fight over and over?

Are you wondering if the passion and fun can come back into your relationship or marriage? Worried that the conflict and negativity are unsolvable?

Do you question if it’s possible to recover from an affair or other betrayal?

Are you curious about how compatible you and your dating partner are and if you’re ready to move in, get engaged, or plan to be married?

Have financial challenges threatened the safety and optimism in your relationship?

Are there difficult conversations about the kids, whether and when to have kids, co-parenting with an ex-spouse, or dealing with step-parenting?

Trish Stanley, PsyD, MFT is a dedicated relationship therapist who brings warmth, acceptance, and a treasure trove of skills to the process of helping her clients tackle and resolve these kinds of challenges. Her expertise is based on the groundbreaking work of our mentor, Dr. John Gottman. His forty years of research with over four thousand couples led to the development of powerful tools that reflect clinical evidence of what actually works in making relationships better and happier.

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"Dr Stanley is amazing. Her expansive knowledge, straight-forward yet caring approach, and clear communication helped us from the first session. We were able to identify the underlying issues we faced very quicky and Dr. Stanley gave us clear practical ways to work through those issues, Each session felt like we were benefiting from years of scientific research by Drs Gottman and others into what actually helps couples. Dr. Stanley uses a completely different approach from therapy sessions that talk a lot and achieve little. She's all about teaching couples to recognize, re-consider, and respond in healthier ways.

Dr. Stanley is not the least expensive therapist in the San Diego area, however every session is well worth the cost. She not only helped us through our difficult time, we came out stronger on the other side and we're now better equipped to face future challenges." 3/10/20

"Trish was recommended to me by a friend who is a nurse. Based on her personal experience, my friend thought that I might also connect with Trish. Trish proved to be an effective and caring therapist. It was easy to establish rapport and feel safe and supported. Trish provided me with wise and frank advice and practical suggestions to improve communication in my relationship, such as "swing a lighter bat" which still makes me laugh because it was so true and valuable to this day.

Trish always left you with something to think about and self-reflection is not always easy, but most powerful. With Trish's help, I was able to develop new perspectives, gain knowledge and access to resources, and sharpen my interpersonal skills. I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with such a talented and insightful therapist. By the way, my boyfriend and I were married in January of this year!" 11/15/20

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